The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 27 - Palace of the Silver Princess

Play Date: 7/24/2079
Campaign Date: 7/24/2079 thru

Players: Pree, Seth, Sarah Holmberg, Jacqueline
Character Names: Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Foolhardy, Gregor), Herbert + Wheezy + Chloe, Aeng + Epicaste

- Head north from Maernath.
- Stop at the Last Farm.
- Herbert flies up and looks through various windows on the second floor. Breaking the glass, however, changes the time period of what she’s seeing on the other side. Speaks with Candella and Duchess; tells them she’s from their future before they vanish upon opening the window.
- Aeng charms giant rat using his harp. “Cheese!”… “Cheese!” (“What year is it?” “Cheese!” “The year of cheese.”)
- Fight their own skeletons.
- Take the standard route down towards the stairs to the upper level, but the corridors were shifting through various phases of construction.
- Through a door they hear the slaughtering of the school classroom, but when Herbert kicks it open the children were already dead and the orcs were stacking their bodies. But there was also a new door on the opposite side.
- Meet Candella and Duchess (who have the medallion — possibly theirs from the future? or the past?). “You’re right! You are from our future!” (Someone sold the medallion to them and told them they could loot the Palace. They came up to the second floor through a trapdoor instead of the stairs. Tell them that Dink’s has multiple meat-shops. Order of the Ninja Clerics: “We don’t like to speak ill of the dead.” Himbob’s name as head of the Halfling Mafia is not spoken.)
- Fight plant creatures in an overgrown garden.



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