The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 28 - The Moathouse

Play Date: 9/8/2079
Campaign Date: 9/8/2079 thru 9/16/2079

Players: Jacqueline, John Heimbuch, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Eric + Foolhardy, Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Bile)

- Alane arranges to transfer Foolhardy’s contract to Eric the Cleric.
- Eric and Zinja of the Order of the Ninja Clerics are annoyed because the blacksmith Zinja hired in Maernath to make copies of the throwing stars has been selling them without cutting her in for a slice of the profit.
- Eric has learned that the Temple of Elemental Evil and the jungle village of Nulb were destroyed by the people of Caerdheim and the newly established Thracian Borderkeep 20 years ago or so.
- Head north into the jungle trying to find the Temple. Get badly lost.
- Find the Moathouse in the middle of a river; fortified keep of sorts.
- Fight various bandits who have taken up residence in the Moathouse. Connected to the Temple.
- Maeve ends up with a giant scar on her right cheek from a giant tick.



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