The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 29 - The Moathouse, Part 2

Play Date: 9/13/2079
Campaign Date: 9/8/2079 thru 9/16/2079

Players: Jacqueline, John Heimbuch, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Eric + Foolhardy, Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Bile)

- Charm and question Slint.
- Fight a giant komodo dragon. (Collus ends up poisoning himself while poisoning his arrow tips in the creature’s mouth.)
- There are lots of “Thalmain cocktails” hurled around.
- Intercept chest full of money intended to bribe and hire more people to the Temple’s cause. Tghe chest also included a cursed sword (which they detected before using) and a map to the “Treasure of Promero”.
- They are aware of dungeons below the Moathouse, but don’t explore them. They know that “Lareth the Beautiful” — chosen of the Elemental Powers — is lairing down there.
- Slint ends up going back to town with them, thinking that they have a secret mission to recruit for the Earth Temple.



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