The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 30 - Return to Varla's Cave

Play Date: 9/20/2011
Campaign Date: 9/16/2079 thru 10/2/2079

Players: Jacqueline, Tad, Sarah Holmberg, Pree, Seth, Phil, Tess
Character Names: Aeng + Epicaste, Man-at-Arms + Scrawn, Herbert + Wheezy + Chloe, Varla, Zinja, Jergen + Donnell, Baz

- Donnell had learned that the spear from the Temple of Illhan could only be used by those worshipping the Norskan gods without risking a curse. Baz worshipped the Norskan gods; so she blessed Donnell (to clear the curse of black lightning) and took the spear for herself.
- Heading back to the cave where Varla was turned into a ghoul in order to finish looting it.
- On the way meet more of the friendly orcs. They tell them the tale of Pumip: Of sentient snakes and sentient giant weasels. – Ash Wraith Weird above the hill. (A fireball spell caused it to grow even larger in size.) – Clear out some lingering ghouls (including a blink dog ghoul).
- Kill some giant crabs on a wooden walkway leading to a prison where someone had starved to death.
- Found a chest full of treasure.
- Donnell, Jergen, and Baz — sensing the time was right — attempted to leave early. (But were prevented by the Ash Wraith Weird.) – The others discovered blue orb that seemed to be feeding or was connected to the Ash Wraith Weird by way of an ash cyclone. Tried to block the cyclone from the sphere by using the oil-soaked sheets that had once belonged to Varla (got soaked by her broken flasks of oil). Instead, the heat of the Ash Wraith caused the sheet to burst into flame and it filled the room with a cloud of ash.
- Aeng and Herbert, in a final blaze of glory, tried to smash the sphere — but they were overcome by the ash. Confident they were, at long last, going to go die togehter. – Others lasso them out using ropes drenched in holy water.
- Scrawn manages to finish destroying the orb by shooting arrows soaked in holy water.
- Top of the hill is completely covered with thick, black ash.



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