The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 31 - Return to the Moathouse

Play Date: 9/27/2011
Campaign Date: 10/3/2011
Players: Jacqueline, Seth, Sarah Holmberg, John, Pree
Character Names: Maeve, Alane + (Bile, Collus Dor, Ernest), Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Eric, Zinja
- Dor was chatting up Herbert and telling him all about the Temple and Moathouse.
- Alane and Zinja gather up Dor; brief in Herbert.
- There’s a lot of confusion over where they’re going.
- Triceratops apparently cost 20,000 10,000 gp per.
- Herbert eventually convinces them to go up the river; where they discover the Moathouse is just 3-4 hours away.
- Corpses they left behind have been turned into zombies — including a zombie spider and giant monitor lizard ghoul.
- Ambushed in courtyard; crossbow fire from arrow slits. Herbert uses x-ray vision to swoop over their positions and hit them with sleep spells.
- Go down the trapdoor in the kitchen after questioning a sergeant named Ziarn about the rough layout of the dungeons below.
- Try to con the ogre Lubash; end up killing him.
- Rescue two prisoners who were being used as a food source by the ogre (one is missing an arm); turn out to be merchants from Maernath who were kidnapped from the highway.
- Fight more zombies.
- Erik’s armor and Zinja’s armor is destroyed by green slime.
- Debate returning to town to replace the armor; decide to momentarily retreat from complex, re-equip from the horses, and make a fresh decision.



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