The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 11 - Palace of the Silver Princess

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

- First trip to the Palace of Red Death.
- Varla has an amulet that allows safe passage thru Ruby Aura.

Expedition 10 - Missing Sessions?

My guess is that we are missing records from several expeditions between the short side-trek to the Keep on the Shadowfell (Expedition 8 and 9) and the first trip to the Palace of Red Death (expedition 10). We may also be missing some expeditions between expedition 10 and expedition 11 (the second trip to the Palace of Red Death).

If you have any recollection of these sessions, post ’em here.

Expedition 9 - Keep on the Shadowfell

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Expedition 8 - Keep on the Shadowfell

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Jordon, Kelly, Phil, Tess, Sarah, Seth, Jacqueline

Expedition 8 - Pollen Monsoon

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth, Jacqueline, Sarah Holmberg, Preeti, Phil, Tess

- Pollen monsoon. (First session after long break due to Shakespeare rehearsals, etc.)
- Return to second level through tree-breach.
- Tempted by the plaster-chipped door. Almost open it, but finally talked out of it.
- Fight ochre jelly in the rubble room.
- Continue south. Fight Anubians.
- Dug down through garbage pit to frost area.
- Find 2 ancient frozen people; man dead, frozen woman thawed out and becomes someone’s minion.

Expedition 7 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Jacqueline
- Went in through tree-breach
- down to second level, past rubble room
- fight on platform & then found secret door behind statue/bas relief
- fight in passageway behind secret door
- Jacqueline (Sam) & Squire Nathara (Sam’s minion) died

Expedition 6 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: John Heimbuch, Seth, Avian, Tad, Jacqueline

- Thalmain figures Herbert got a good deal on the maps and tries to cut a similar deal; but everyone (led by John H. and the suddenly conservative Tad) turn the group against him.
- Avian playing Greenwick (referring to Thalmain): “We know a good knee.”
- Entered through tree-breached building.
- Figured the hallways connected, so turned right at the bottom of the stairs.
- Chip plaster away from secret door on first level – decode inscription, decide it sounds too doom-y to risk
- open secret door
- Return to second level. Big fight. Jacqueline falls down pit; encounters dragon who flies out of pit.
- Jacqueline tasted mold. It’s poisonous. Set it on fire and close the door.
- Found ancient Thracian artifacts in the rooms down there.
- “Do not desecrate this place. Is it not enough you destroyed the empire? Must you desecrate the tomb of a great man?”
- John’s character at the end buys up garlic futures in town.

Expedition 5 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Jacqueline, Seth

  • We bartered for maps from Herbert before we left the city, then made our way quickly through the forest to the tree-breach entrance. A couple people clambered up onto the tree and reported seeing 7-8 dog faced Anubians roasting food over the fires. One of the magic users popped up and cast sleep, leaving 3 or so baddies, and we all kind of piled in as we could and made short work of them. Man-at-arms (Tad’s character) attempted to interrogate one of them (as he was the only one who knew their language), but his threats and insults of the thing’s mother weren’t terribly successful, at which juncture Dinkerslosh requested a burlap sack and a bucket of water to help things along and someone else got exasperated with the whole thing and killed the creature and we proceeded down the stairs.
  • Warned of the bats, we were using a shuttered lantern for light. We went down the central columned corridor (we may have also checked out the dead end on the left, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t go down the passage on the right). At the end of the hall, the door on the left was spiked shut and there were noises coming from behind the door on the right. I think we pretty much just flung open the door on the right to discover more of the dog-faced beasts, which we dispatched. During the fight Alane stepped forward to fill a hole in the line and was decapitated. She recapitated her head with a healing spell (“The heal spell doesn’t have a verbal component does it?”)
  • Our back now being unthreatened, we decided to find out what was behind the door that had been so carefully closed. Someone picked up a skull that was lying around and scooped up some bat guano and used it to try to grease the hinges of the door to keep it from squeaking. We managed to pry the spikes out, and carefully open the door, at which point the horrible centipede things inside turned and looked at us and we flung the door back shut again and desperately drove in the spikes.
  • Searching the other room, which had held the Anubians, we found a secret door behind the statue and went through.
  • Now I’m not sure in what order we did the rest, I feel like we went left and down to the next level first, but it surprises me that we would have done that rather than finishing off this level first. Anyway, I’m pretty positive I remember the extent to which we explored in this session at least and probably no one else remembers enough to prove me wrong, so we’ll go with that.
  • Heading left down the corridor reached via the secret door, we came to a turn, another long stretch of hall, another turn, (one more? dunno), just followed the hall until we got to the stairs, which we went down cautiously. We killed a couple of large rats from the stairs and snuck down into the big chamber.
  • Whereupon Tad’s character decided to cause a commotion in order to… I don’t know what the objective was. I don’t remember exactly what he did, but yelling and throwing rocks would give you the general idea. All the noise alerted our opponents on the other side and they obligingly came around and fought with us. (Can’t remember if these were the lizardmen or more dog-faces)
  • After getting rid of that bunch, we made our way around the rubble and saw the platform – upon which another battle was being fought. We decided not to jump in and made our way back to the stairs and back past the secret door the other direction. At this point I think there was another fight with some Anubians in the corridor. I don’t remember the details, but somehow their actions left me pretty well convinced that the corridor we were in eventually connected back up to the main columned corridor at the 4-way intersection at the base of the stairs. After fighting them off we found a room off the hall containing a chest full of treasure, which we liberated and then we spiked the door shut and spent the night to recover a bit.
  • Coming out in the morning, we had a perfectly disgusting fight with some stirges, and then headed home with our treasure (going back out through the secret door)
Expedition 4 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth, Tad (1st session), Pree, Sarah Holmberg

- Cultists approach Herbert with deal for Thalmain. They ambush them with the help of an ultra-effective phantasmal force. They had looted magical eyes in Session 3; they wanted them returned. Once Herbert saw how they worked (the cultist gouged out his eyes and plugged them in), he took them for himself, gouged out an eye, and put it in.

- What did they do in the dungeon?

- This may have been the session where Herbert climbed down the cliff wall near the rope bridges, reaching the cottage below with a skeleton inside it.

Expedition 3 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth, Pree, Erik, Katlin

- Went down to the room stacked high with undead.
- Kill 76 undead in a flurry of fire. Brennan dies and explodes.
- Retreat from complex.
- Return and explore wolverine lair. Erik’s character had been throwing coins as deadly weapons, but wolverine grabbed one of the coins out of mid-air and rammed its sharpened edge into this throat.
- Erik utilizes copper pieces as a weapon (same amount of damage as an axe/sword etc!
- Thalmain hides his body in the wolverine room to loot on the way out. Never got the chance.
- Cultist procession heading to altar.
- Pree’s character was in danger; Thalmain hung back on rope bridge. Pree’s character died and Thalmain was captured while everyone else escaped.


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