The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 3 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth, Pree, Erik, Katlin

- Went down to the room stacked high with undead.
- Kill 76 undead in a flurry of fire. Brennan dies and explodes.
- Retreat from complex.
- Return and explore wolverine lair. Erik’s character had been throwing coins as deadly weapons, but wolverine grabbed one of the coins out of mid-air and rammed its sharpened edge into this throat.
- Erik utilizes copper pieces as a weapon (same amount of damage as an axe/sword etc!
- Thalmain hides his body in the wolverine room to loot on the way out. Never got the chance.
- Cultist procession heading to altar.
- Pree’s character was in danger; Thalmain hung back on rope bridge. Pree’s character died and Thalmain was captured while everyone else escaped.

Expedition 2 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth Bacon, Sarah Holmberg, David Pisa

- Quixton (David Pisa) is a cook at the local inn who pretends to be an adventurer and joins the party.
- Return to the rope-bridge entrance.
- Enter room with large statue. Everyone is petrified.
- Stone platform jutting out into a cavern with an altar on it.
- Thalmain spends a lot of time trying to disable a pit trap until Herbert tells him to walk around it.
- Enter the room with the big doors. Kill some local guards.
- Trigger sleep trap on chest, but Thalmain thinks its a petrification effect.
- Lizardmen show up. Thalmain lays down a bunch of fire at the door and manages to fight them off single-handedly.

Expedition 1 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: ?
Campaign Date: ?

Players: Seth Bacon, Sarah Holmberg, Sarah Martin, Gabe, Preeti Gupta

- Enter tree-breached building.
- Explore dung rooms.
- Fight centipedes.
- Retreat.
- Eat roasted centipede meat.
- Return to tree-breached building. Find anubians and minotaur. TPK at the hands of the minotaur.

- Rope bridge entrance.
- Retreats.
- Explores second rope bridge. Finds Herbert tied up.


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