The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 26 - The Temple of Illhan

Play Date: 4/10/2079
Campaign Date: 4/28/2079 thru 5/6/2079

Players: Erik, Katlin, Sarah Holmberg, Phil, Tess
Character Names: Oswald, Brennan, Champion, Donnel + Jergen, Baz

- Go to Old Way Point.
- Go to a natural spire of stone 400 feet tall.
- Head south from stone spire looking for ???.
- Explore apparently abandoned complex that was once a temple for Illhan, a Neo-Norskan god identified as the son of Thor.
- Sir Donnell gets rune-carved spear of lightning.

Random Notes:
- Featherweight Plate costs 5,000 gp (no enchantment bonus); weighs equivalent of chain.
- Poleaxe was given to Alane off-screen.

Expedition 25 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: 4/3/2011
Campaign Date: 4/17/2079 thru 4/28/2079

Players: Sarah Holmberg, Pree, Melissa, Seth
Character Names: Champion, Zinja + Venya, Hecate, Lilithuan + Delmhurst

- Zinja hires Venya.
- Lilithuan hires Delmhurst.
- Enter through the smaller building across the rope bridges.
- Forced to retreat by large force of black-eyed cultists.
- Nibbler (Hecate’s horse) chews through his lead and nearly wanders into a giant spider’s web.

Expedition 24 - The Rescue of Varla

Play Date: 3/29/2011
Campaign Date: 4/19/2079 thru 5/4/2079

Players: Erik, Katlin, Sarah Holmberg, Seth
Character Names: Oswald, Brennan Jr., Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Alane + Bile

- 40 foot tall ash wraith.
- Exploding mustard gas.
- Orcus worshipping black slime.
- Varla’s body returned to Alberti Visconi, who is outraged when he discovers the actual terms of her will call for her resurrection (and not his inheritance).

Expedition 23 - Alane Dies, Herbert Flies

Play Date: 3/25/2011
Campaign Date: 4/5/2079 thru 4/14/2079

Players: Seth, Sarah Holmberg, Jacqueline
Characters: Alane + Bile (then Lililuthuan), Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Aeng + Epicaste

- Alane killed by floor spikes triggered by Aeng.
- Return Alane to town (requires two weeks recuperation, time-locked until 4/19).
- Second expedition finds bejeweled chandelier and white dragon wings which graft themselves to Herbert.

Expedition 22 - Herbert's Birthday

Play Date: 3/24/2011
Campaign Date: 3/24/2079 to 4/5/2079

Players: Seth, Pree, Sarah Holmberg, Phil, Tess, Jacqueline
Characters: Alane + Bile, Zinja, Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Jergen, Baz, Aeng + Epicaste

- Zinja hired Farolche the Blacksmith in Maernath to craft nunchucks. He’s holding her nunchucks until 4/17.
- Journeyed to the entrance of the bandit cave where Varla disappeared. Attacked by ghoul spiders. Returned to town.

Expedition 21 - Return to the Rotating Cairn

Play Date: 3/17/2011
Campaign Date: 3/17/2011 to 3/

Players: Sarah Holmberg, Gabe, Sarah Heller, Jacqueline, Colleen
Characters: Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Tormery, Bust + The Harem 5, Aeng, Uli

- Returned to the Cairn of Luan Phien.
- Giant Shrew charmed by Aeng.
- Ate cursed food and drink (suicide possession and contagious sleep).

Expedition 20 - The Rotating Cairn

Play Date: 3/12/2011
Campaign Date: 3/12/2011

Players: Sarah Holmberg, Gabe, Sarah Heller, Mark, Colleen

Expedition 19 - The Search for Varla

Play Date: 3/8/2011
Campaign Date: 3/8/2011


- Fighting ghouls of former characters.
- Varla not found, but everybody else reduced to ash.
- First encounter with ash wraiths.

Expedition 18 - Varla's Death

Play Date: ? (before 3/8/2011)
Campaign Date: ?

- Half of the expedition is killed in bandit caves.

Expedition 17 - The First Hexcrawl

Play Date: 2/24/2011
Campaign Date: 2/24/2011

Players: Pree, Seth, Sarah Holmberg, Jacqueline

- Tree trolls kill Fabio.


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