The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 33 - Sarcophagal Hall

Play Date: 1/10/2012
Campaign Date: 1/10/2080
Players: Jacqueline, Gregg Lind, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Steddin, Zinja + Venya + Rut, Alane + (Bile, Collus, Dor, Ernest)

- Zinja hires Rut, a greasy little runt of a fighter, in Caerdheim.
- Steddin tries to create a solo adventuring party using his charm person spell on bar patrons, but the first guy makes his save and freaks him out.
- Steddin eavesdrop and joins an expedition to the Caverns of Thracia.
- On the way to the Caverns of Thracia, trend a little south (due to Zinja trying to compensate for her former magnetic attraction to the river).
- Discover a broken stone plug that originally blocked off a 60’ deep shaft.

- Stone doors have been broken open from the inside.
- Long stair past a landing with walls which have been clawed into illegibility.
- A room with four sarsens.
- A long hall of sarcophagi. Fight ghosts of blue mist that congeal. When put to sleep they turn into a blue mist which writhes around their boots.
- Bodies in the sarcophagi have various gems in eye sockets. One amethyst has partially congealed and turned spongy; Steddin took that one.
- Other bodies have bands of copper, silver, and gold binding them.
- All of the bodies are writhing as if in pain; some apparently died scratching at their own cheeks.
- Head into a warren of upright sarcophagi. Attacked by 5 undead with disjointed bodies; send 3 fleeing back into the darkness.
- Bile level-drained.
- Encounter giant spider. Alane casts speak with animals. Makes a deal to show the spider out of the complex.
- Steddin lights a pool of oil left over from the last fight as the spider passes through it. Bile (who was stuck to the top of the spider at this point as a hostage) burns as well.
- Fight some zombies who wander up from deeper in the complex.
- Retreat to town to rest and recuperate.
- Alane pays Bile a bonus for his sufferings at the hands of the wights.

- The Halfling Mafia refers to kneecapping as “vorpaling”. (They think they’re taking out necks, but it’s really just a matter of their height.)

Expedition 31 - Return to the Moathouse

Play Date: 9/27/2011
Campaign Date: 10/3/2011
Players: Jacqueline, Seth, Sarah Holmberg, John, Pree
Character Names: Maeve, Alane + (Bile, Collus Dor, Ernest), Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Eric, Zinja
- Dor was chatting up Herbert and telling him all about the Temple and Moathouse.
- Alane and Zinja gather up Dor; brief in Herbert.
- There’s a lot of confusion over where they’re going.
- Triceratops apparently cost 20,000 10,000 gp per.
- Herbert eventually convinces them to go up the river; where they discover the Moathouse is just 3-4 hours away.
- Corpses they left behind have been turned into zombies — including a zombie spider and giant monitor lizard ghoul.
- Ambushed in courtyard; crossbow fire from arrow slits. Herbert uses x-ray vision to swoop over their positions and hit them with sleep spells.
- Go down the trapdoor in the kitchen after questioning a sergeant named Ziarn about the rough layout of the dungeons below.
- Try to con the ogre Lubash; end up killing him.
- Rescue two prisoners who were being used as a food source by the ogre (one is missing an arm); turn out to be merchants from Maernath who were kidnapped from the highway.
- Fight more zombies.
- Erik’s armor and Zinja’s armor is destroyed by green slime.
- Debate returning to town to replace the armor; decide to momentarily retreat from complex, re-equip from the horses, and make a fresh decision.

Expedition 30 - Return to Varla's Cave

Play Date: 9/20/2011
Campaign Date: 9/16/2079 thru 10/2/2079

Players: Jacqueline, Tad, Sarah Holmberg, Pree, Seth, Phil, Tess
Character Names: Aeng + Epicaste, Man-at-Arms + Scrawn, Herbert + Wheezy + Chloe, Varla, Zinja, Jergen + Donnell, Baz

- Donnell had learned that the spear from the Temple of Illhan could only be used by those worshipping the Norskan gods without risking a curse. Baz worshipped the Norskan gods; so she blessed Donnell (to clear the curse of black lightning) and took the spear for herself.
- Heading back to the cave where Varla was turned into a ghoul in order to finish looting it.
- On the way meet more of the friendly orcs. They tell them the tale of Pumip: Of sentient snakes and sentient giant weasels. – Ash Wraith Weird above the hill. (A fireball spell caused it to grow even larger in size.) – Clear out some lingering ghouls (including a blink dog ghoul).
- Kill some giant crabs on a wooden walkway leading to a prison where someone had starved to death.
- Found a chest full of treasure.
- Donnell, Jergen, and Baz — sensing the time was right — attempted to leave early. (But were prevented by the Ash Wraith Weird.) – The others discovered blue orb that seemed to be feeding or was connected to the Ash Wraith Weird by way of an ash cyclone. Tried to block the cyclone from the sphere by using the oil-soaked sheets that had once belonged to Varla (got soaked by her broken flasks of oil). Instead, the heat of the Ash Wraith caused the sheet to burst into flame and it filled the room with a cloud of ash.
- Aeng and Herbert, in a final blaze of glory, tried to smash the sphere — but they were overcome by the ash. Confident they were, at long last, going to go die togehter. – Others lasso them out using ropes drenched in holy water.
- Scrawn manages to finish destroying the orb by shooting arrows soaked in holy water.
- Top of the hill is completely covered with thick, black ash.

Expedition 29 - The Moathouse, Part 2

Play Date: 9/13/2079
Campaign Date: 9/8/2079 thru 9/16/2079

Players: Jacqueline, John Heimbuch, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Eric + Foolhardy, Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Bile)

- Charm and question Slint.
- Fight a giant komodo dragon. (Collus ends up poisoning himself while poisoning his arrow tips in the creature’s mouth.)
- There are lots of “Thalmain cocktails” hurled around.
- Intercept chest full of money intended to bribe and hire more people to the Temple’s cause. Tghe chest also included a cursed sword (which they detected before using) and a map to the “Treasure of Promero”.
- They are aware of dungeons below the Moathouse, but don’t explore them. They know that “Lareth the Beautiful” — chosen of the Elemental Powers — is lairing down there.
- Slint ends up going back to town with them, thinking that they have a secret mission to recruit for the Earth Temple.

Expedition 28 - The Moathouse

Play Date: 9/8/2079
Campaign Date: 9/8/2079 thru 9/16/2079

Players: Jacqueline, John Heimbuch, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Eric + Foolhardy, Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Bile)

- Alane arranges to transfer Foolhardy’s contract to Eric the Cleric.
- Eric and Zinja of the Order of the Ninja Clerics are annoyed because the blacksmith Zinja hired in Maernath to make copies of the throwing stars has been selling them without cutting her in for a slice of the profit.
- Eric has learned that the Temple of Elemental Evil and the jungle village of Nulb were destroyed by the people of Caerdheim and the newly established Thracian Borderkeep 20 years ago or so.
- Head north into the jungle trying to find the Temple. Get badly lost.
- Find the Moathouse in the middle of a river; fortified keep of sorts.
- Fight various bandits who have taken up residence in the Moathouse. Connected to the Temple.
- Maeve ends up with a giant scar on her right cheek from a giant tick.

Expedition 27 - Palace of the Silver Princess

Play Date: 7/24/2079
Campaign Date: 7/24/2079 thru

Players: Pree, Seth, Sarah Holmberg, Jacqueline
Character Names: Zinja + Venya, Alane + (Collus, Dor, Ernest, Foolhardy, Gregor), Herbert + Wheezy + Chloe, Aeng + Epicaste

- Head north from Maernath.
- Stop at the Last Farm.
- Herbert flies up and looks through various windows on the second floor. Breaking the glass, however, changes the time period of what she’s seeing on the other side. Speaks with Candella and Duchess; tells them she’s from their future before they vanish upon opening the window.
- Aeng charms giant rat using his harp. “Cheese!”… “Cheese!” (“What year is it?” “Cheese!” “The year of cheese.”)
- Fight their own skeletons.
- Take the standard route down towards the stairs to the upper level, but the corridors were shifting through various phases of construction.
- Through a door they hear the slaughtering of the school classroom, but when Herbert kicks it open the children were already dead and the orcs were stacking their bodies. But there was also a new door on the opposite side.
- Meet Candella and Duchess (who have the medallion — possibly theirs from the future? or the past?). “You’re right! You are from our future!” (Someone sold the medallion to them and told them they could loot the Palace. They came up to the second floor through a trapdoor instead of the stairs. Tell them that Dink’s has multiple meat-shops. Order of the Ninja Clerics: “We don’t like to speak ill of the dead.” Himbob’s name as head of the Halfling Mafia is not spoken.)
- Fight plant creatures in an overgrown garden.

Expedition 26 - The Temple of Illhan

Play Date: 4/10/2079
Campaign Date: 4/28/2079 thru 5/6/2079

Players: Erik, Katlin, Sarah Holmberg, Phil, Tess
Character Names: Oswald, Brennan, Champion, Donnel + Jergen, Baz

- Go to Old Way Point.
- Go to a natural spire of stone 400 feet tall.
- Head south from stone spire looking for ???.
- Explore apparently abandoned complex that was once a temple for Illhan, a Neo-Norskan god identified as the son of Thor.
- Sir Donnell gets rune-carved spear of lightning.

Random Notes:
- Featherweight Plate costs 5,000 gp (no enchantment bonus); weighs equivalent of chain.
- Poleaxe was given to Alane off-screen.

Expedition 25 - Caverns of Thracia

Play Date: 4/3/2011
Campaign Date: 4/17/2079 thru 4/28/2079

Players: Sarah Holmberg, Pree, Melissa, Seth
Character Names: Champion, Zinja + Venya, Hecate, Lilithuan + Delmhurst

- Zinja hires Venya.
- Lilithuan hires Delmhurst.
- Enter through the smaller building across the rope bridges.
- Forced to retreat by large force of black-eyed cultists.
- Nibbler (Hecate’s horse) chews through his lead and nearly wanders into a giant spider’s web.

Expedition 24 - The Rescue of Varla

Play Date: 3/29/2011
Campaign Date: 4/19/2079 thru 5/4/2079

Players: Erik, Katlin, Sarah Holmberg, Seth
Character Names: Oswald, Brennan Jr., Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Alane + Bile

- 40 foot tall ash wraith.
- Exploding mustard gas.
- Orcus worshipping black slime.
- Varla’s body returned to Alberti Visconi, who is outraged when he discovers the actual terms of her will call for her resurrection (and not his inheritance).

Expedition 23 - Alane Dies, Herbert Flies

Play Date: 3/25/2011
Campaign Date: 4/5/2079 thru 4/14/2079

Players: Seth, Sarah Holmberg, Jacqueline
Characters: Alane + Bile (then Lililuthuan), Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy, Aeng + Epicaste

- Alane killed by floor spikes triggered by Aeng.
- Return Alane to town (requires two weeks recuperation, time-locked until 4/19).
- Second expedition finds bejeweled chandelier and white dragon wings which graft themselves to Herbert.


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