The Thracian Hexcrawl

Expedition 33 - Sarcophagal Hall

Play Date: 1/10/2012
Campaign Date: 1/10/2080
Players: Jacqueline, Gregg Lind, Pree, Seth
Character Names: Maeve, Steddin, Zinja + Venya + Rut, Alane + (Bile, Collus, Dor, Ernest)

- Zinja hires Rut, a greasy little runt of a fighter, in Caerdheim.
- Steddin tries to create a solo adventuring party using his charm person spell on bar patrons, but the first guy makes his save and freaks him out.
- Steddin eavesdrop and joins an expedition to the Caverns of Thracia.
- On the way to the Caverns of Thracia, trend a little south (due to Zinja trying to compensate for her former magnetic attraction to the river).
- Discover a broken stone plug that originally blocked off a 60’ deep shaft.

- Stone doors have been broken open from the inside.
- Long stair past a landing with walls which have been clawed into illegibility.
- A room with four sarsens.
- A long hall of sarcophagi. Fight ghosts of blue mist that congeal. When put to sleep they turn into a blue mist which writhes around their boots.
- Bodies in the sarcophagi have various gems in eye sockets. One amethyst has partially congealed and turned spongy; Steddin took that one.
- Other bodies have bands of copper, silver, and gold binding them.
- All of the bodies are writhing as if in pain; some apparently died scratching at their own cheeks.
- Head into a warren of upright sarcophagi. Attacked by 5 undead with disjointed bodies; send 3 fleeing back into the darkness.
- Bile level-drained.
- Encounter giant spider. Alane casts speak with animals. Makes a deal to show the spider out of the complex.
- Steddin lights a pool of oil left over from the last fight as the spider passes through it. Bile (who was stuck to the top of the spider at this point as a hostage) burns as well.
- Fight some zombies who wander up from deeper in the complex.
- Retreat to town to rest and recuperate.
- Alane pays Bile a bonus for his sufferings at the hands of the wights.

- The Halfling Mafia refers to kneecapping as “vorpaling”. (They think they’re taking out necks, but it’s really just a matter of their height.)



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