Timelocks are the way we handle the passage of time: In the absence of other considerations, time in the game world will pass at the same pace as time in the real world. So if you haven’t played a character in awhile, we just assume he’s lounging around Maernath or Caerdheim.

But since expeditions can chew up days or weeks of time, we can frequently end up playing “in the future”. To deal with that, we “lock down” certain characters and locations. For example, if Herbert leaves Maernath on the 18th of March and returns on the 2nd of April, Herbert will be timelocked until April 2nd.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN that Herbert can’t be played again until April 2nd, but it does mean that the next expedition Herbert goes on will be treated as if it were starting on April 2nd.

Similarly, locations get “timelocked” to the last date they were visited. So if today is March 24th and Herbert visited the Cave of Forgotten Memories on April 2nd, no one can visit the Cave of Forgotten Memories until April 2nd. (Since that would contradict existing continuity regarding the cave.)

The current timelocks are:


Rotating Cairn: 4/14/2079
Cave Where Varla Died: 4/29/2079


Zinja: 4/5/2079
Jergen: 4/5/2079
Baz: 4/5/2079
Oswald: 5/5/2079
Brennan Jr.: 5/5/2079
Herbert + Chloe + Wheezy: 5/5/2079
Alane + Bile: 5/5/2079
Aeng + Epicaste: 5/5/2079
Varla: 5/6/2079 + 2 weeks recuperation from raise dead


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